snapshot: august 2017

snapshot: august 2017


**I apologize for not doing any blogging this past month, [no shade but] I decided to actually enjoy the time I have off from school and not work myself to death when I'm not at actual work. When the summertime hits my laziness goes on 10, and my brain goes on vacation**

Date: August 6th, 2017

Where I’m Calling Home: My mama’s crib in Long Island where that’s been my home since 2001.

What I’m Looking Forward To: Enjoying the last couple of weeks I have left of summer vacation. I'm going on mini-vacation to Maryland/D.C. next week followed by a trip to NYC to see Broadway's Chicago musical starring my childhood idol growing up -- Brandy.

What I’m Dreading: All the supplies I have to go out and get for school (including the textbooks).

Exciting Things from Last Month: I got hired at CVS/Pharmacy as a Clerk/Cashier. I had a brief job as a Sales Associate at a clothing store that I was laid off from after three weeks🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️. I quit Chipotle (thank god; working in fast food is not for everyone). I was offered a summer employment job in July with Nassau County's Department of Parks and Recreation with a starting pay of $13.50/hour.

Progress on Last Month’s Goals: I didn't get to go Panaram Music Festival (it's whatever) and probably not the Hot 100 either. I still haven't made a savings account

Short-Term Goals: Being an enthusiastic as possible for school this coming year. And editing projects. Try to get a camera (or at least save money towards getting one).

What’s on my playlist at the moment: More singles than straight albums I've been listening to. Up-and-coming R&B singer-songstress Gabi Wilson rebranded herself as an anonymous artist a la The Weeknd circa 2010 named H.E.R. The result was an A+ mellow-weary-late-night EP: H.E.R. Vol 1 and H.E.R. Vol. 2. I still love Cardi B, and her song "Lick" with Migos' Offset is my new jam. LeToya Luckett released a new album -- Back 2 Life -- this summer...I'm obsessed with at least three tracks from it -- the groovy fast-tempo "Show Me," the plushy number "In the Name" and the Neptunes-sounding "My Love." I also can't get Tamar Braxton's new single "My Man" out of my head, I'll probably Snapchat myself lip-syncing to it. Honorable mention to reunited boy band New Edition's song "If It Isn't Love" and Camilla Cabello shoulda-been-a-hit song "Crying in the Club."

What am I binge-watching: Being Mary Jane and Greenleaf. My new favorite television series Insecure came back this past two weeks for the second season, and I decided to watch the new season of Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood (I have a love/hate relationship with the L&HH franchise).

Long-Term Goals: Grow my networking, learn some more adulting-skills, get an entry level job in broadcast media after college, explore downtown New Haven more since I have two more years in Connecticut, find a boyfriend.



most influential person at the moment: cardi b

most influential person at the moment: cardi b