snapshot: june 2017

Date: June 14th, 2017

Where I’m Calling Home: My mama's crib in Long Island where that's been my home since 2001.

What I’m Looking Forward To: My new internship role at Radio Free Brooklyn continuing to get more hands-on experience in my desired career field, meeting new people at work, hopefully getting some exercise and some summer relaxation but most of all, stacking this BREAD.

What I’m Dreading: Living some distance from my main college pals, being afraid of not being able to give my all, taking the Nassau County bus to and from work.

Exciting Things from Last Month: I've fixed this blog and have become active on it now that I have free time since I'm on summer vacation. I'm halfway done with college (71% according to my degree audit). 46 more credits to go. And my GPA is back to stabilization. I will have a new on-campus bursary (non-work study) job as a Bartels Building Manager for the Office of CSELO. I also got hired at Chipotle Mexican Grill at Nassau County's Roosevelt Field mall. And I joined the Caged Bird Magazine team.

Current Term GPA: 3.20

Major GPA: 3.65

Cumulative: 2.89

Progress on Last Month’s Goals: I didn't exactly have a substantial amount of goals I wanted to accomplish, but by the end of the year I knew I was going to try to get a job no matter how aggressive I had to be for this summer and the next school year. I was still going to get as much experience in broadcast journalism as much as I can despite not landing my dream internship. I made sure I was in good academic standing.

Short-Term Goals: Get a ticket to Day 1 of the Panorama Music Festival and the Billboard Hot 100 festival no matter if I get someone to come with me or not, find ways to occupy myself this summer when I have downtime, tackle my ADHD, creating a savings account, pay my tuition and get supplies ready for next year, apply for Orientation Leader position again for the 2018 summer.

What's on my playlist at the moment: I absolutely love SZA's new album CTRL (I love her stripped-down voice with melodic-styled neo-soul and R&B), Dancehall artist Spice's Sheet (Raw) is my new workout song and I know all the words to Cardi B's "Red Barz" track and Mary J Blige's new song "Glow Up" (with Missy Elliott, DJ Khaled and Quavo) on her new album Strength of a Woman.

What am I binge-watching: I still haven't finished 13 Reasons Why and Riverdale. I'm currently watching the second season of British comedy show Chewing Gum. I will try to continue to watch the TNT's new show Claws. (watch out for a blog post about it)

Long-Term Goals: Grow my networking, learn some more adulting-skills, get an entry level job in broadcast media after college, explore downtown New Haven more since I have two more years in Connecticut, find a boyfriend.

i wish you were here: father's day edition

i wish you were here: father's day edition

freeform's famous in love is more like famous in young hollywood messiness

freeform's famous in love is more like famous in young hollywood messiness