this week in hot topics.... (june 1st, 2017)

this week in hot topics.... (june 1st, 2017)


Rihanna is getting thick....and fat-shamed for it #WhatsWrongWithYouPeople

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 10.34.06 PM.png

Rihanna has been spotted looking huskier than usual. People have been questioning whether she is pregnant or she's just been eating good. I suspect it's the latter. We would've known about Rihanna's bae if she was expecting a child. For all her life in the spotlight, Rihanna has had a slim figure, but there's no hate from this fellow right here on her eating her rice and cabbage. I love Rihanna. Her career-changing album that I'm currently playingย Good Girl Gone Badย turned ten years old on the 31st, and homegirl wrapped up her tour back in August 2016 to support her recent album Anti. Let this live everyone. Besides filming two movies getting acting lessons and releasing perfumes, clothing, and sneakers, I'm sure the pop princess has had some downtime. I understand the traditional ideology that for musicians of her creed (which is the female pop star), they should be tooth-pick skinny but let these people live. It's 2017 and the biggest model in the world is plus-sized. I'm sure Rihanna has gotten tired of her record label and managementย forcing her to run on a treadmill and eat salad with a bottle of water. Do you not know Rihanna is from the islands...Barbados ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ง to be correct?? I'm sure she has been chowing down on some oxtails, Jamaican patties, flying fish, plantains with some rice and beans on the side. Y'all are truly some hating ass niggas for body shaming her.....

Tiger Woods caught a DUI this Memorial Day Wknd... #HeMustBeOnSomething


Golf celebrity who is mixed Tiger Woods was arrested this Memorial Day Weekend.

According to TMZ:

"Cops say Woods was passed out behind the wheel when they approached the car.

He's almost like a zombie in the footage -- swaying, incoherent ... and unable to even tie his own shoes.

At one point during the stop, an officer tells Tiger he smells the "odor" of alcohol on him -- though Woods insists he did not drink. A breathalyzer later showed Tiger's BAC was .000."

I don't really follow Tiger Woods' career to be honest but I have been curious about how his professional life has been since the in the infamous ho-scandal of 2009 when it was revealed that he cheated on his now ex-wife with multipleย women. According to this career timeline on ESPN.....he's apparently, has had a lot of medical issues since 2009.ย 

Kathy Griffin has gotten backlash for a picture with a bloody head of Donald Habenero Hitler Trump #YoureMyNewHero


During a photo session with famed photographer Tyler Shields, Kathy Griffin took this photo a bloody-beheaded Donald Trump which took the media by storm. Since this incidentย CNN fired the 56-year old comedian from herย co-hosting gig at CNN's annual New Year's Eve program saying in a statement:ย  "We found what she did disgusting and offensive." ย She has also apologized for taking this photo in the first.

I'm not offended. I'm on her side so call me devil's advocate. People are "offended" and "disgusted" by this,...but Trump is the same man who thinks it's okay to sexually assault women and spread his other bigoted rhetoric. As long as Donald Trump sits in the White House, I don't expect anyone (even celebrates) to not rip him apart publicly (figuratively). "There is not rest for the wicked".

Mariah Carey Had Diva Demands on Set #DoingTheMost


Baywatch (the remake) actor Rob Huebel who? will be in the new Will Ferrell-Amy Poehler comedy flick The House coming to theaters on June 30th and went on the radio recently to spoke on what it was like to work with the We Belong Together diva Mariah Carey. Carey will be making a cameo in the film playing Bianca herself.

Huebel said that Carey was "four hours late" to set for the one day she was scheduled to shoot and that she demanded her trailer be filled with "all white roses" and "stuffed lambs" (that's the name of her fan base). He went on to say that "she was hired to sing one song" and then said that she didn't "want to sing that song".

Careyย is also supposed to beย shot and killed in the movie but took to issue to that. She instead told the producers that "Iย donโ€™t feel like my character would get killed by bullets. Like, what if I deflected them like Wonder Woman?"

Keep in mind folks that she only had spend ONE day to shoot her part in the movie and was getting paid well for this small appearance. If I was the director or producer of the movie, I deadass would've told her to go home. Either that are cut that scene from the film and put in on the DVD release as a deleted scene. Keep the money we gave because we'll be reimbursed through the box office sales (this is a Will Ferrell-Amy Poehler headed-movie). Someone needs to put their foot down when it comes to Mariah. I'm surprised they even want her to sing in the movie because as you know she can't even sing the way she could 20 years ago. I'm pretty sure that scene isn't an essential piece to the movie but I could wrong.

Will.I.am confirms that Fergie has left the Black Eyed Peas to focus on her solo career #OkayCool


Will.i.am confirmed the rumors has been going around that Fergie is departing from the Black Eyed Peas. To a media outlet he had this to say:

"Since the beginning of Black Eyed Peas, we've always had amazing vocalists that appeared on the mic with us. People like Macy Gray, Esthero, Debi Nova, Fergie. On Elephunk, there were several females that appeared on that album,"ย "Obviously Fergie was the featured female, but on songs like 'Let's Get it Started,' it's Noelle [Scaggs], and then Fergie, songs like 'Latin Girls,' it's Debi Nova, and 'Request Line,' it's Macy Gray,โ€ he added. โ€œWe'll always work with good females."

Fergie has slowly been phasing herself out of the group. Sheย last performed with the hip-hop group at the 2015 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. It was announced on Variety.com that she is leaving her label Interscope to start her own label at BMG. The group's last album before taking a second hiatus was 2010's The Beginning. Fergie is to release her follow-up to her debut album (2006's The Duchess) but has had trouble getting her three singles released since 2014 to chart into pop's top 20: "L.A. Love (La La), "M.I.L.F. $" & "Life Goes On"

Will.i.am also shut down rumors that Fergie was going to replaced by former Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger. Fun fact guys: Nicole was originally supposed to join The Black Eyed Peas back in the early 2000s. Back in 2001, Nicole Scherzinger (like Fergie) was in a short-lived TRL-bubblegum girl group titled Eden's Crush. Nicole was offered to join the Black Eyed Peas who at the time only consisted of Will.i.am, and ย Michelle Williams twinsย apl.de.ap and Taboo;ย they had two albums out that went nowhere. Nicole's fiancรฉ at the time said no to the offer. Fergie was added to the lineup and the group's third album Elephunkย in 2003 finally brought them to fame.

I'm very nonchalant about Fergie leaving. Pop music has survived out without the group's presence. It's not like it's 2008; if it was I'm everyone would be in shock. I think Fergie should worry on her sophomore being a hit as many would consider her a dinosaur at this point.

Joseline Hernandez Quits Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta Over Beef with Female Pimpย Producerย Mona-Scott Youngย & Wants Oprah Involved #BitchPlease #DontBiteOffTheHandThatFeedTheStripper



Joseline Hernandez, the self-proclaimed The Puerto Rican Princess" cause who gas her up like that? yesterday posting a photo to Instagram saying "I Quit, Fuck #Mona"....she then added a caption to the post saying "Make Your Next Move You Best Move" and added a whole bunch of crazy hashtags (including #FUCKUPAYME)ย like every other 30 and older Instagram user loves doing for no reason. Then The Shade Room posted a video of Joseline Hernandez saying she want her fans to "hashtag Oprah [Winfrey]" so she "sit down" and talk with her about how Mona-Scott Young has "treated her motherfucking cast members and the shit that she's done to us throughout the motherfucking years".


Joseline needs to have several seats. I don't follow Love & Hip Hop or the Stevie J spinoffs religiously to know what's going on, but Joseline needs to realize that show is her ONLY livelihood. I don't who she was before LH&H: ATL premiered back in 2012. Before that, she was a stripper/aspiring singer of some sorts. Joseline barley has done anything significant outside being the lead hoodrat on all Love & Hip-Hop franchises. Her music is terrible and I doubt her acting dreams will come true since no one will take her seriously. At least Cardi B, Remy Ma & K. Michelle's fame and musical success has made them soar outside the show.

And this is how you know, this chick is dumb. She wants people to "hashtag Oprah" when I think she meant to say for people to tag Oprah.....and two does she not know that The Oprah Winfrey Showย is no longer a thing?? That doesn't mean Oprah can't have a special on her chapter where she sits down with Hernandez. But this isn't Oprah-worthy. I'm pretty sure Oprah has a busy schedule and better things to give her concern to than this ghetto messy-ness. Unless Joseline has something head-turning to say (that has actual substance) I think this dilemma should be left to the couch of [my queen] Ms. Wendy Williams or maybe Iyanla Vanzant (on her show Fix My Life).

happy pride month ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒˆ

happy pride month ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒˆ

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